Welcome Kareim Bakhsh, Analyst – Organic Search

We are excited to welcome Kareim Bakhsh to Augurian as Analyst – Organic Search! Kareim got his start in digital marketing working freelance as a digital marketing consultant out of college. He soon found that he could save his clients money by teaching himself some of the skills a consultant would normally outsource. In the process he learned how to use Adobe Suite, code websites, and optimize sites to be found in search engines by potential leads. The latter of those skills became an obsession, and now Kareim devotes his entire work life (and some of his free time) to being an exemplary SEO. 

The thing that Kareim loves about SEO so much is that it allows him to use the multitude of skills he learned as a freelancer. On the technical side of SEO he gets to use his coding skills and some of his design skills in making user friendly suggestions for sites. While on the content side of SEO, he gets to utilize his graphic design capabilities. 

Random Facts:

  • Kareim loves to read, and particularly seeks out texts written by Haruki Murakami, Stephen King, Kobo Abe, and Vladimir Nabakov to name a few. 
  • His favorite sports are tennis and Muay Thai.
  • His favorite movie is The Color of Pomegranates.
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