Welcome Alaina Bergen, Analyst – Content Marketing

We are excited to welcome Alaina Bergen to Augurian as Analyst – Content Marketing!

Alaina has been involved in the world of digital marketing since 2016. Her first digital marketing experience was during a college internship at an agency in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. Once the internship was over, she entered into the freelance world and stayed there, honing her skills, for the next four years. Throughout her freelance career, Alaina fostered her passion for writing, storytelling, and strategizing. She loves to help clients get the most out of their content and their digital marketing experience as a whole. 

After Alaina graduated from college and began freelancing, she also decided to travel around the United States, living and working all over. She finished college in central Minnesota, did seasonal work at Denali National Park in Alaska for a while, then went to work in Moab, Utah. After many other trips and adventures, she returned to Minneapolis, where she became immersed in the craft beer industry for two years as a bartender and events coordinator at Insight Brewing. In recent months, she decided to leave the beer industry and pursue her passion for writing and digital marketing. 

Random Facts:

  • Alaina loves to travel and be adventurous. She and her fiancee make it a point to go on road trips as often as possible to see new places and enjoy new experiences. 
  • Alaina is an avid runner and cross country skier. She and her dad run 10ks together. 
  • Alaina absolutely loves to cook and bake. She was a bread bakery manager for her entire college career, so bread and sweets are her specialties.
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