Finding Work-Life Balance Through Travel

Balance Work Life

One of Augurian’s most important core values is:
Balance Work-Life. Work Smarter. Live Better.

Balance allows us to work smarter, and we live better when we have balance.
One of the best ways to find balance and live better is to get out into the world and travel.

Luis Vargas, Founder of Modern Adventure, said it well in his TEDx Talk, Travel More & Buy Less“Exploration and Discovery and Adventure are essential elements of the human experience, and rarely are we more alive than when we’re out exploring and discovering.

Maybe it’s the record cold temperatures or the record snowfall we’ve had in Minnesota over the past 3 months, but Augurs have spread their wings quite a bit lately.

From Kilauea to Seattle to Las Vegas to London… in RVs, airplanes, kayaks, and bikes, here are some awesome places our Augurs have already experienced this year traveling the world as living examples of our Core Value, Balance, in action.

Trekkers In Training: Life on the road

Bailey and Micah - Trekkers In TrainingThe road can be a lonely place, but not for Micah Perzichilli, one of Augurian’s Founding Partners, and his wife Bailey who recently launched a 6-month journey with their two lovely boxers in their 1995 Safari Trek RV (recently named Jeff).

Their mission:
to explore the greatest sights in the United States… to take advantage of their remote jobs and push the status quo… to experience a lifestyle where they work less and live more.


Trekkers In Training - Boxer Dogs

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