Top 10 SaaS Calls To Action

Top 10 SaaS Calls To Action

You are reading this blog right now due to a call to action.  The title of “Top 10 SaaS Calls to Action” might have peaked your interest to see what successful tactics companies have used to create a call to action. Our enticing title was our call to action for you to engage with Augurian and have an opportunity to learn helpful information.

Being able to attract the right customers who need the program you are offering can be very challenging.  There are many obstacles a customer can have which will lead them away from purchasing your solution.

We created the Top 10 SaaS Calls To Action to inspire you to inspire your customers!


10. Dropbox-Sign up for free 

Dropbox is a popular cloud storage SaaS that allows users to have a lower amount of storage space for free, but if you want more you must purchase a subscription.  On top of allowing potential customers to use a part of their services for free, they also have free trials of their full service.


9. Quicksprout -Ask your potential buyer about their issue

Quicksprout helps companies start their business by giving advice on SEO, marketing, payroll and more.  If you need help getting a new business up and running, Quicksprout can give you the proper guidance!  To attract more potential customers to their service, Quicksprout enabled a pop up on the blog page, asking “Are you doing SEO wrong? Enter your URL here”. Even if someone thinks their website’s SEO is solid, any great company would want to double check to see if they can improve.  Quicksprout is able to engage potential clients with an important question, which gives them a chance to show off their services.


8. Boomerang-Make it easy to buy and add your product

It seems pretty obvious, if you want someone to buy your product, make it easy for them to purchase.  This however is not always the case for some SaaS companies.  Boomerang makes it very easy to add their service by having a simple design of their home page.  Boomerang aids Gmail in scheduling emails. So if you want their help, click the button, “Add this to your Gmail!”.  Simple, but affective.


7. Agora Pulse– Let the customer choose 

People love simple options and Agora Pulse’s (a Social Media SaaS company) home page does a great job at giving them two, a free trial or a product demo.  Most SaaS companies push for either a free trial or demo, but they should just let the customer decide. Agora Pulse knows that not every customer’s buying experience is alike, so why not cater to them with multiple options of starting points.


6. Pipedrive-Show youR company CAN be trusted due to its results

There are so many CRM systems on the market, so it can be hard to find one that will be the best fit for your company.  One way to improve the buyers’ confidence in your product is to show them past results or awards you have received. Pipeline does a great job giving potential customers confidence in their product by showing what they do well, and their results.


5. Backlinko-Give exclusive content for signing up

Many are hesitant to give their information willingly now more than ever because their information is taken without their knowledge or consent. Leads can be expensive, so if someone is going to give you their information, reward or incentivize with exclusive content that can help them and gain their trust. Also Backlinko can turn into a company’s expert on a subject due to the information they are suppling, which will lead them to be confident with investing in the service.


4. Campaign Monitor-Show current customer success stories

If it seems too good to be true, most assume it is.  That is why a company should show potential clients how they were able to drive success for their customers.  Campaign Monitor aids its clients with sales and brand communication through email. Not only do they show a current client’s success story with examples and video, but they give an option to build a campaign just like it.  This is a great example of making it easy for the customer to sign up, right after they’ve seen a company succeed. If you can show them how a company won with you, they can better see that success for their own company.


3. Bigstock-Grab the customer’s attention with great website design

Bigstock does an awesome job at drawing in the customer with its beautiful landing page and call to action right at the center of it.  I would hope Bigstock uses its service (Photo and video database) to draw in potential customers and they do.  Bigstock show off the product right away on their home page and make it easy to see why someone should utilize them.


2. Kickoff Labs-Make it easy to find the product that is right for the customer

Kickoff Labs has a simple, yet effective call to action for their campaign building SaaS.  They show the customer what level might fit their need; labeling each tier by who it would be a good fit for and what comes with each level.  Kickoff Labs also show the savings benefit of signing up for an annual package, rather than month to month rates. Having the customer “buy in” to an annual package will give your company a chance to truly show off your product and create a life-long partner.


1. Adobe-Provide a discount and create urgency 

When buying or subscribing to a service, the first or most important question is easily, what is the price?  People love to feel like they received a deal or special pricing!  If a company like Adobe, which is very popular and highly utilized, is offering a “Last chance 20% off deal” the customer might be more motivated to enroll in their services.  It is hard to keep the customer on your page and not have them shop around somewhere else before purchasing. By giving your customer a deal that is about to end, it might make them pull the trigger before they look at the competition.


An effective call to action can make a huge difference in gaining customers or not, so use our Top 10 SaaS Calls To Action as a guide to inspire your next campaign.



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