tyler hanna augurian headshot

Tyler Hanna

Tyler began his digital marketing career in 2012 in social media and website design. Tyler graduated from North Central University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing & Entrepreneurship in 2019 and, during his junior year, started a digital marketing agency, which he ran for a few years with a friend/partner. During the pandemic, he shifted to freelancing and consulting in the SEO and digital analytics space. He is fascinated with numbers and the amount of data we can obtain to help our clients have more confidence in their digital marketing efforts. He also loves solving problems and making complex things simple to understand.

Fun Facts

  • Tyler has a 16-month old son named Garrison that is a “mini-me” version of him
  • Tyler’s top 3 favorite meats are filet mignon, smoked beef brisket, and BBQ pork ribs
  • Tyler has been a huge professional wrestling fan for 25 years (almost the entirety of his life)
  • Tyler is an avid reader (of mostly non-fiction books) and has already read 12 books in 2023
  • Tyler loves rap and hip hop (Biggie > Tupac).