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Hannah MacNaughton

Welcome Hannah MacNaughton, Senior Analyst – Content Marketing.

We are excited to welcome Hannah MacNaughton to Augurian as a Senior Analyst on the Content Marketing team! Hannah got her start in marketing through a publishing firm while she was back in school as a non-traditional student. What was supposed to be a spring internship turned into a three-year career until she was ready to explore new opportunities in content marketing and freelance writing.

Her passion to learn about psychology, sociology, equity, and science, while staying up to date on pop culture drives Hannah to bring ideas to life that are relatable and meaningful. Her relentless curiosity is bolstered by her skills as a technical writer, in addition to helping her become a problem solver that can see any situation from multiple angles.

Not only is Hannah an experienced writer, but she has also worked in social media management, blog management, SEO analytics, and content strategy. Being exposed to so many aspects of digital marketing Hannah was able to find her passion lies in writing and content marketing. After working with Augurian as a freelance writer for nearly a year, we are excited to have Hannah officially join the team.

Random Facts:

  • Hannah plays pool every week at Jimmy’s Pro Billiards in Columbia Heights.
  • She loves being a gym rat and recently discovered the fun (and sometimes terror) of mud runs.
  • She loves horror movies, especially found footage and creature features. If you offer recommendations, the more obscure the better.


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