Support your Campaign Goals with Landing Pages!

Recently I have been in conversations with a number of business owners who have been disappointed with the Ad Rank of their pay-per-click(PPC) ads. They have certain keywords that they want to show up for but find they are having to pay an-arm-and-a-leg for these keywords, or they are the fifth of five ads that show up.

So here is the problem – about 80% of PPC traffic goes to an existing website page (usually the homepage). This causes poor message
match and relevance – resulting in high bounce rates and low conversions. A high bounce rate for a PPC ad effects your Quality Score, driving the price you have to pay for the ad up. But, have no fear! There is an easy fix! It’s called a landing page.

The very best way to improve your Ad Rank is by creating landing pages that are specific to the keywords you are investing in. Not only does your Ad Rank go up – but your cost per click goes down, saving you money or giving you the ability to buy more clicks with the same amount of money.

The purpose of a landing page is to provide a hyper-focused experience that is designed to support the conversion goals of our campaign. The reason not to use your homepage as the catch-all landing page is that your homepage is designed as a generic entry point to your brand and business. It contains a lot of different products, categories and calls-to-action – making it hard for the visitor to find your intended conversion path. Here is a graphic that explains it a lot better:

mobile search

So, start building landing pages that support your PPC campaign goals!

by Josh Becerra

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