Successful Pi Day Ecommerce Strategy

Last Saturday was Pi Day 3/14/15! You know “Pi”, that mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to it’s diameter. Totally geeking out here!

Anyway, here is an example of a successful Pi Day ecommerce strategy we helped a client with:

An ecommerce client decided to give a 31% discount on Pi Day. The results were outstanding! They made 10 times as much revenue on Saturday then they did in any of the previous 10 Saturdays. So, you ask, how did they do it?

Well, it started with an email blast, letting the entire list know that they had a one day 31% off special (ending at 11:59PM). The email directed those who clicked to a special Pi Day landing page. This Pi Day page was tagged with both an Adwords and Facebook remarketing pixel. Then when those who visited were hanging out online or on Facebook they saw ads reminding them of the 31% offer. Seems simple, right? But I’m wondering how many companies actually built a successful Pi Day ecommerce strategy?

Pi Day Ecommerce Strategy

Now this type of campaign, where you go from email to a landing page (tagged with remarketing pixels) to remarketing ads isn’t something new – however, there is a trick to making them relevant by associating them with current events and other hot topics in culture and society. So, I ask you – what is the next current event or hot topic that you can leverage to get a boost in your ecommerce revenue? Figure it out and put together something similar to this successful Pi Day ecommerce strategy!

by Josh Becerra

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