Perceptual Filters – is your target audience interpreting your messages differently than you do?

Everyone has unique life experiences. These experiences color the way they see the world.  We call the lenses by which your target audience views your website – their perceptual filters.

Imagine it like this:

Perception Filter

By experimenting with imagery on your website you can gain tremendous insights into your target audiences mindset when visiting and the perception filters they are bringing with them.

For example, here are two different landing pages that went head-2-head in an experiment to see which converted more leads:

The first variation used an aspirational image of a man running on a beach with two women.

Variation A


The second variation eliminated images altogether, was completely text based – with a large headline and a number of sub-heads describing the value proposition and differentiation.

Variation B


You may be able to guess which version ended up converting more leads – Variation B.  Variation B actually delivered 20% more leads then Variation A.

More importantly Hair Club learned something about their visitors – “sex doesn’t sell”.  Using this insight about their visitor’s perceptual filters will help Hair Club better tailor their landing pages and their messaging to what their audience has in mind when visiting their site.

Now ask yourself – is your website imagery supporting your value proposition? Or is it having a polarizing effect on your visitors?

If you would like help setting up an experiment to test the effect perceptual filters might be having on your landing pages click here.

By: Josh Becerra


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