Optimize Meta Tags, Improve Click Through Rate, Increase Return On Investment

One of the most important metrics a marketer should monitor when trying to optimize is the click-through rate. The reason why the click-through rate is so paramount in a successful campaign is that it shows how engaged your audience is. If an ad or keyword has a low click-through rate it could show you are using the wrong keywords to target your audience because they are not relevant to the search or are too broad.

Below is a case study of how one of our Augurs was able to improve the click-through rate by improving the keywords in a client’s campaign and using meta tags.

What we did

One of our clients was seeing a gradual decline in collection pages and we saw an opportunity on the keyword opportunities dashboard to earn more revenue. The organic keyword we targeted was one of the most competitive keywords due to being apart of a large competitor’s brand name. This keyword was also very competitive with other brands that are much larger than our client.

When we evaluated this keyword change, we looked at the current meta description of the product category page and saw the opportunity. After we assessed the volume and number of impressions that these keywords were getting for this page and compared it to its performance, we added the two keywords one additional time. The changes were made in Google Tag Manager, so there was an option to turn off these keywords instantly if the results were unfavorable. The test ran for two months.

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Before Making The Change

After Making the change


    • Improved rankings for target keyword by 7.3 positions. Moving from the third page to the second page on Google. Currently, at the all-time high ranking of position 7.
    • We moved a large retailer off the first-page position for target keyword.
    • The Click-through rate Improved 67% overall.
    • Click-through rate Improved 600% for target keyword.
    • Impressions remained virtually the same, but there was an increase in traffic. According to Google Search Console, the traffic increased from the previous period by 72%.
    • The average rank improved by .6 positions from the previous period. 
    • Transactions on this page increased 70%, going from 50 to 85.
    • SEO revenue from this page increased 65% from the previous period.
    • The return on investment for the client was 105%.
From The Previous Year

    • The rank improved for the target keyword by 2.8 positions.
    • The Click-through rate improved by 300% for the target keyword.
    • Traffic improved by 190%, despite only a 26% increase in impressions.
    • Transactions improved by 372%, going from 18 to 85.
    • SEO revenue for this page improved by 389% year over year.
    • Year over year return on investment was 211%.


When you can prove to clients that the return on investment pays for your retainer and more, it will turn heads and show your agency’s importance. In this case study, we utilized both the keyword opportunities dashboard and the new Google Tag Manager process to drive success for the client. 6.1% of all website revenue across all channels is coming solely from the annual incremental lift Augurian has provided by working on this page.

Simply put, we replaced two keywords in the metadata on a collection page, which increased the click-through rate and purchases. The process of changing keywords was a low effort task, but the results had a huge impact on the return on investment for the client. 

If you optimize any meta descriptions in Google Tag Manager, or if you find another innovative way to do it, share it with us @Augurian on InstagramLinkedin, or on Facebook, and stay tuned for more SEO Hacks from Augurian.

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