Not Provided Google Analytics Solution

Not Provided Google Analytics Solution

Here is an easy not provided Google Analytics solution.

Since 2011, Google has encrypted searches as “Not Provided”, however it’s still possible to find the data you need. Learn how Augurian solved the problem with Google Analytics tag manager. In order to make the most of your digital marketing efforts, it’s important to know which organic keywords are helping you reach your business goals.

By following the instructions in this video you’ll be able to see which organic keywords are leading to valuable actions on your website. Jason and Megan from Augurian will give you a step-by-step not provided Google Analytics solution. Check it out:


What is “Not Provided”?

Basically, Google isn’t sharing their keyword data with you. A searcher used a keyword to get to your website, but Google is choosing to protect the privacy of the searcher by not providing you with their search information.

In 2011,  Google announced that it wouldn’t continue to share user keyword data. The reason for this is they wanted to focus on personalizing search experiences based on behavior. Here is where they talk about their rational.

If you’re looking for more information on the Not Provided Google Analytics Solution, here is Google’s support page where they delineate the traffic source dimensions and define “not provided”.



Megan: Wouldn’t it be great to know what people search that brought them to your site when they later took those valuable conversion actions?

Jason: That would be great. Hi, my name is Jason and I work on the paid media team here at Augurian.

Megan: Hi, I’m Megan. I work on the organic team. Jason and I were talking the other day. He brought up a really common pain point which is how come I can’t see what searches people use on Google that bring them to my site where they later take those valuable conversion actions.

Jason: I was so frustrated seeing not provided in Google Analytics. I just thought there is got to be a better solution to know which organic keywords are leading to actions on the website.

Megan: We all know that we can find those but we can’t tie them to anything, in particular, that happens. We talked about a great work around that helps you do exactly that. It’s a common pain point because those searches have been encrypted since 2011.

Unless you’re paying for that traffic you don’t always get to see that information. We came up with a solution through Tag Manager that involves setting up a tag that designates whatever event this is that’s important then a custom report that will pull that event type in your queries and then all you’ve got to do is segment out the traffic with a custom segment to pull all that information together.

Jason: Would we be able to set this up for B2B clients and B2C clients too?

Megan: You could set it up for anyone. If you’ve got goals implemented Google Analytics you can do it without Tag Manager in an even more basic way. If you want to learn more about how to implement this on your site contact us at Augurian.

Jason: So long.

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