What you need to know about Google Panda 4.0 update

Everybody in SEO is talking about it…so we thought we had better write a little something on it as well. What you ask? Why Google Panda 4.0 of course! I’m going to try to take a practical approach on this one – so as not to bore you too much.

The gist of it is that if you are producing quality content at regular intervals that are useful to people performing searches and Google’s spider/bot alike…and…if your website is providing a modern, user friendly experience – then you have nothing to worry about with Google Panda 4.0.

If not, then it might be time to make a few changes. So, lets dive a little deeper in these two areas:
1) Fresh, Quality Content
2) Modern Website

For those of you who are blogging and have an editorial calendar and are producing content that is unique and relevant Google Panda 4.0 shouldn’t effect you at all. For those of you who are using a lot of scrapped content – this can be in the form of syndicated content or copied content – then you may start experiencing fewer and fewer visits from Google Organic traffic. The way to remedy this is to slow down or stop the syndication of content. Develop an editorial calendar or plan that insures you are creating unique content – the easiest way to do this is by blogging (kinda like I’m doing right now). Don’t always think it has to be a long winded blog – think; info graphics, videos, how-to articles, lists and more. Just make sure it is unique and can be read by both search engines and humans alike.

If you are doing a good job blogging but your website isn’t optimized for mobile or your site structure and navigation is a little dated – it might be time for an update. I’m not advocating for a complete site overhaul – remember my last blog on Evolutionary Website Redesign – but it might be a good time to start moving toward something more modern that functions well in this multi-device world.

In the end, the holy grail is for you to prove to Google that your website is a quality, useful resource to consumers. If you focus on that goal your site will always benefit from Google Panda 4.0 and any successive releases. If you have been hit hard by Google Panda 4.0 feel free to reach out to us, we can help.

by Josh Becerra

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