Monkey Island helps raise money for Bridge.MN

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So today is “Pi” day 3/14 and the fun folks at CoCo decided to celebrate with a “pie luck” (instead of a potluck). In conjunction with this momentous occasion they also hosted a pie throwing contest. CoCo co-workers could pay $1 (stand 10ft away), $5 (stand 5ft away), or $20 (stand 1ft away) to throw cream pies at Don Ball Co-founder of CoCo and our very own Josh Becerra Co-founder of Monkey Island. The proceeds are being donated to Bridge.MN, a non-profit organization that equips local youth with resources that increase their digital literacy skills.

A good time was had by all! Here is the before and after pictures of the pie throwing. If you want to see video of the event check it out here.

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by Josh Becerra

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