Meet Troy Van Leer, Our New Manager of Marketing Analytics

Troy Van Leer

We are excited to welcome Troy Van Leer as our newest Augur!  Troy joins Augurian as Manager, Marketing Analytics.  He is a seasoned and respected expert in data analytics and measurement and has deep roots in digital marketing as an entrepreneur and innovator in our industry.

Troy was born and raised in Minnesota, originally from Eagan now residing in Farmington. He has been working in digital marketing since 2004 in many different capacities. In that time, he has started two companies of his own and more recently worked full time at two different marketing agencies, Three Deep and Closed Loop, both were paid media and analytics management roles.

He loves working at small to mid-sized agencies and having the opportunity to help build teams and create new lines of service. He’s passionate about organizing and analyzing data to help clients get the best return on investment possible. He will be helping to build out the analytics team at Augurian to ultimately help current and new clients achieve their marketing goals.

During his free time, he plays golf, goes to sporting events (or watches them on TV), and hangs out with his two young kids.

Random Facts:

  • Troy has been playing in a dart league weekly in St. Paul for 10+ years
  • Troy remembers a time when Yahoo advertising was bigger than Google
  • Troy met his wife of 10 years on MySpace
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