Making the most out of AdWords Callout Extensions

The more information you can give someone who is searching online about your business the better online purchasing decisions they can make. Most importantly you have to make sure your points of differentiation are clearly stated – for example if you offer free shipping, free returns or a price match guarantee, then make sure you are promoting this to your prospective customers. However, fitting all of these points of differentiation into the limited amount of characters that AdWords gives you has never been practical – UNTIL NOW!

Google just implemented callout extensions for AdWords. Basically callout extensions are additional bits of text that shows with your Google search ads. They allow you to highlight information that is specific to the products or services you offer.

Here is what they look like:
mobile search

Now callouts are limited to 25 characters each and up to four can show with your ad, so you have to be judicious with your choices. Here is how to create a callout extension at the campaign level:
1) Choose the campaign
2) Click the Ad extensions tab
3) Choose Callout Extensions drop-down menu
4) Click on Edit – next to the Callout settings link
5) Click the New button
6) Enter the new callout text
7) Click Save
8) Select devices you wish the callouts to appear on
9) Click Save

Now go make the most out of AdWords callout extensions!

by Josh Becerra

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