Leveraging Micromoments

A week or so ago we published a blog about Google Micromoments. This is a follow on blog that dives a little deeper into the subject and provides some links to more content that Google has been publishing about leveraging micromoments in these four particular areas:

leveraging micromoments

I Want To Go Moments

I Want To Do Moments

I Want To Buy Moments

Here is our take. If you think about your own behavior and how you utilize your mobile device you’ll tip your hat to Google for articulating how micromoments really happen. We’ve all had that “I want to Go” micromoment where we’ve used the “near me” functionality of the maps on our mobile device. We’ve all had that “I want to Do” micromoment where we are trying to fix something and turn to a YouTube “how to” or DIY content to help us make sure the repair is done right. We’ve all had that “I want to Buy” micromoment looking at product reviews or researching to understand our options.

So it’s important to take a good hard look at your company and brand and think about what micromoments you need to be out in front of and what channels and content will ensure that you are surfaced in the searches that matter most. It doesn’t matter if you are a bricks and mortar or an online retailer, a b2b manufacturer, or a b2c software start-up – micromoments are part of your customer’s journey. Leveraging micromoments will be a key part of your success moving forward. So figure out what micromoments are important on that customer journey and start creating the content necessary to capitalize on them.

by Josh Becerra

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