The Key Driver to Online Marketing Success – Getting into your customer’s mindset

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I’ve participated in a lot of “strategy” discussions where the center of the conversation is the brand and what the brand is trying to accomplish online. Unfortunately these conversations don’t recognize that the key driver to online marketing success is understanding what your prospect, potential website visitor and hopefully (in the end) new customer is trying to accomplish. So let’s stop talking about brands and start talking about your customer’s mindset.

Smart online marketers recognize that before someone becomes a customer they are a website visitor and before that they are a prospect and even before that they are an uninformed consumer looking for information. By getting in your potential customer’s mindset in each of these phases you can create valuable and relevant content using the most appropriate channels. The goal is to move them from Awareness – to Consideration – to Intent – to Decision.

Here is an example of what this looks like:
mobile search

by Josh Becerra

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