Introducing Megan Upperman, Our Newest Augur in Organic Search

Megan Upperman

We are excited to welcome Megan Upperman to Augurian as Senior Analyst, Organic Search!  Megan is a subject matter expert in search engine optimization and an advocate for using data to tell compelling, validated stories. Her experience includes leading SEO teams at multiple organizations and working with sites as big as Target and as small as a local gasket manufacturer. She is passionate about teaching others what they need to know in a way that is practical and useful, no matter how educated or tech-savvy they are (or aren’t!).

She is an avid collector of all kinds of digital knowledge which helps bring context and depth to her expertise. Her current obsessions include technological advances that can foster a more equitable society and lifting up the incredible work of other women who work in technology.

Random Facts:

  • Megan lives in a house that was built in 1834!
    She say’s “…we do a lot of house projects pretty much all the time. We think it’s older than property deeds, but my neighbor has an identical house. It’s a long story about why that is, but he’s got some old maps and documents that helped us narrow that down.” 
  • Megan camps at least 50% of the summer weekends.
  • Her main aspiration in life is to get a camper so she can extend the season.

Welcome to Augurian, Megan!

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