Happy New Year from Monkey Island!

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Greetings & Happy Holidays from the Monkey Island Team!

As we reflect back on 2014, it goes without saying that it was a wonderful and rewarding year for us, as well as for our clients and agency partners. We are proud of the results that we have been able to achieve on the accounts we been spending time on this year. Here are a couple of examples of these results:

E-Commerce Client
Comparing (Nov 1 – Dec 30, 2014) vs. (Nov 1 – Dec 30, 2013)
1,792 more unique purchases
$45,087 more revenue

B2B Client
Comparing (Q1 2014) vs. (Q4 2014)
Reduced PPC Spend by 200%
Qualified Leads from PPC Increased from 4 (Q1 2014) to 40 (Q4 2014)
Cost per Qualified Lead Decreased from $10,000 (Q1 2014) to $500 (Q4 2014)

Professional Services Client
Comparing (Jan 1 – Dec 30, 2014) vs. (Jan 1 – Dec 30, 2013)
45,000 more sessions (74% increase)
98% increase in their goal conversion rate
2,651 more conversions (245% increase)

For these clients – as well as our other clients – 2014 was a great year and 2015 looks to be even better and brighter! Cheers!

by Josh Becerra

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