Google’s New Customer Match for Shopping

If you ask most businesses who their best customers are – the answer will most likely be “repeat customers”! That’s right loyal customers are an engine that can drive business success. For awhile now, Google has allowed businesses to target these repeat/loyal customers via their Customer Match product.

Customer Match was specifically for Google Search, YouTube or Gmail. Allowing you to upload a list of emails of repeat/loyal customers which are matched to users that are signed in on Google. So if you’ve ever seen a highly relevant ad in your gmail account above your inbox – then you’re probably on someone’s Customer Match list.

Well, Google has just announced that this same targeting functionality is now available for Google Shopping! So if you want to increase the visibility of your brand and products to your highest value customers as they shop – now you can with Google’s new Customer Match for Shopping.

Here is more information on this recent announcement about Google’s new Customer Match for Shopping.

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