Google Mobile Ad Innovations

Google mobile ad innovations are coming faster and faster these days. This is obviously in recognition of the fact that we now live in a mobile-first world. If you need a visual to help you wrap your head around what a “mobile-first” world looks like watch this video:

So, let’s review a couple of the most recent Google mobile ad innovations.

1) Expanded Text Ads

The best way to describe this is with a picture:
Google Mobile Ad Innovations

Like the name “expanded text” denotes – these ads give you 50% more ad text because they are optimized for smartphone screen sizes and give you 2 headlines and more characters in the description line.

2) Responsive Ads

Do you want your ads to fit beautifully across more than two million apps and websites on the Google Display Network? If so, you’ll appreciate Google’s Responsive Ads. Not only do these ads adapt to all types of screen sizes and content types, they also unlock new native inventory on apps – so your ads will match the look and feel of the app and not seem out of place. Want to learn how to create a responsive ad? Well here ya go!

So there ya have it, a couple of new Google mobile ad innovations – I’m sure we’ll be covering more and more of these as they emerge.

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