Google Micromoments

Google Micromoments

Have you heard about Google Micromoments? Well, if you haven’t it is worth checking out some of the data and insights that lead them to conclude that “the intersection of consumer need and consumer context is at the heart of the mobile opportunity”.

Here is the link to the research & here is the trailer that they created that provides the context for Google Micromoments:

After reading through some of this data and reflecting on your own behavior & mobile usage you’ll probably come to the same conclusions that they have – life isn’t lived in years, or days, or even hours…it is lived in moments! This Google Micromoments research is some of the best data and insights that Google has come out with in quite sometime. The consumer journey has forever changed – how is your brand and/or company reacting to the shift to real-time, intent-driven micromoments?

by Josh Becerra

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