Duplicate Contents Effect on Organic Rank

Earlier this month we were discussing duplicate contents effect on organic rank with a client that is driving visitors to special landing pages which contain a lot of the same content that a general page on their website also contains. Now as a general rule we believe that dulicate content should be avoided if possible – however we also uncovered a great video by Matt Cutts, the Head of Google’s Webspam Team, who talks about how Google handles duplicate content.

Basically Matt says that Google groups duplicate content together and then shows the result that they deem is most beneficial to search higher and crowds the duplicates out by pushing them further down in the search results. In other words duplicates aren’t treated as SPAM. Now, with that said – Matt was also very clear that any abusive, deceptive, malicious or manipulative duplicate content will be treated as SPAM.

Here is the video that helps shed some light on Duplicate Contents Effect on Organic Rank:

by Josh Becerra

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