Do you know where your inbound leads are coming from?

It still amazes me how little some businesses know about where their incoming leads are generated. Just recently I was in a meeting with a client and they were amazed at how new technology allows businesses to tie incoming leads back to specific marketing actions.

Now big biz has been doing this for a long time. However only recently new cloud-based solutions have emerged giving businesses of all sizes the ability to track and measure incoming leads in a cost effective way.

Let’s take phone calls for instance. You now have the ability to dynamically assign a phone number to:
– each separate snail mail piece you send out
– your e-newsletter
– an email blast
– your AdWords campaign
– your organic website traffic (capturing the keyword used by the caller)
– an offer or promotion you publicize via a specific social network

So every time the phone rings you know where the call came from.

Imagine the phone ringing and you instantly know who is calling, what keyword they used in Google or the AdWords campaign that they clicked on to get to your website. Over time the data you collect informs where the best bang-for-your-buck is.

Here is a phone call report for a client that sells ice cream makers:

mobile search

“Big Brother” you say? I say “Smart Strategies”. Be it online or offline marketing tactics – you have to measure them! Analyze the results and direct more of your resources toward the tactics that are working.

If you are interested in gaining a better understanding of which of your marketing tactics are driving concrete business results – like a phone call – please contact us.

by Josh Becerra

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