B2Bs – Its time to Create a Cultural of Measurement


Now more than ever you can measure just about anything and everything when it comes to your website – the path a visitor took to get to your site, how they interacted with your site, what actions (conversions) they took while on your site. E-commerce sites and B2C businesses have been measuring, tweaking and improving their conversions for awhile now because generally their sales cycles are short. On the other hand B2B businesses have longer sales cycles and up until now the idea of spending money on measuring, tweaking and improving website conversions has dropped to the bottom of their marketing dollar priorities.

Smart B2B companies are embracing this ability to measure everything happening online and are using this data to derive powerful insights about their customers and make better online marketing decisions. B2Bs that create a culture of measurement are going to have a competitive advantage online now and in the future.

So for all you B2Bs out there…i’m providing a great article that serves as a primer for:
– “WHY” you need to start measuring the effectiveness of your website and online marketing strategies.
– “WHAT” tools are out there that you should be using to derive great insights

READ ARTICLE: “Building The B2B Organic CRO Machine”

by Josh Becerra

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