Nurture Improvement | Core Values Series

Core Value: Nurture Improvement

At Augurian, our core values are at the center of everything we do as a digital marketing agency.

That’s why we’ve created a video series to highlight each of our company’s core values.

In this episode, Augurian founders Colin Hirdman and Josh Becerra highlight what the core value Nurture Improvement means to the team – and how we work hard to constantly improve.

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Josh Becerra: Our core value of Augurian is nurture improvement, not in the business of business as usual. What do we mean?

Colin Hirdman: We really want to support the team. We want to give them the resources, we want to give them the emotional support that they need to do their job well. That nurture improvement really is everything from the EOS process that we utilize in establishing rocks that individuals can get really excited about working on, all the way to relying on one another for support.

When you’re stuck on a problem knowing that there are other team members that are there to help you overcome those barriers. I think more than anything, that nurture improvement is really an internal focused team component that really codifies our ability to support one another and feel good about being supported.

Josh: I’d say there’s also a professional development aspect to this. We are sending our team members to national conferences, we’re sending them to local conferences, we are definitely supporting them in they are honing of their craft.

Nurture improvement, not in the business of business as usual.

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