Have Fun | Core Values Series

have fun core value

At Augurian, our core values are at the center of everything we do as a digital marketing agency.

That’s why we’ve created a video series to highlight each of our company’s core values.

In this episode, Augurian founders Colin Hirdman and Josh Becerra highlight what the core value Have Fun means to the team – and how we make it a point to keep the journey fun and enjoyable.

Have Fun: Enjoy the Journey

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Josh Becerra: A core value of Augurian is ‘Have fun. Enjoy the Journey’. What do we mean?

Colin Hirdman: We all know that life is stressful, work can be stressful and so we’ve tried to address that by having fun. We want all of our team members to feel like when they look back, that they’ve really enjoyed the journey in being a part of Augurian. We’ve taken some really prescriptive steps around that, mainly through the culture committee that we have. A lot of that has to do with giving back to the community, so working with organizations like Second Harvest Heartland, Cookie Cart, and other nonprofits.

Then the other side of it too is just enjoying each other’s company. A lot of that goes into events that we put together like going to a Valleyfair for a day.

Josh: Topgolf.

Colin: Yes, going to Topgolf. Also then celebrating each other like birthdays and other occasions that are all these life events. I think we don’t want to take ourselves too seriously. We want to enjoy the time that we have with one another. We want just that feel-good nature of who we are to emanate out of the organization. I think that also creates a lot of goodwill with our clients and doing happy hours and things like that as well. Really, having fun, it’s a core value. It’s something that we really do believe in. It enriches life and it allows you to reflect and really enjoy that journey of life.

Josh: Yes.

Have fun. Enjoy the Journey.

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