Balance Work-Life | Core Values Series

Balance Work Life - Augurian Company Core Values

At Augurian, our core values are at the center of everything we do as a digital marketing agency.

That’s why we’ve created a video series to highlight each of our company’s core values.

In this episode, Augurian founders Colin Hirdman and Josh Becerra highlight what the core value Balance Work-Life means to the team – and how we balance our days to work smarter and live better.


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Josh Becerra: A core value of Augurian is: balance work-life; work smarter and live better. What do we mean by that?

Colin Hirdman: We know that the agency world can be really, really hectic. A lot of jobs require a lot of time and persistence and brainpower. We also feel that that time factor, when you’re spending too much time at work, really starts to detract from the quality of the work that you’re able to do.

Having that work-life balance where the team is able to take time off when needed to feel refreshed when they come into work, to bring really that strategy and that consultative approach that every client needs, having a good work-life balance allows us to do that.

Josh: Yes, for sure. Balance work-life, work smarter, live better.

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