Why Connect Google Analytics to AdWords?


A lot of times when our team takes over a new Adwords account for a new client we find that they don’t have Google Analytics linked to their AdWords account. Linking Adwords to Analytics is extremely important. So this post will help answer the question: Why Connect Google Analytics to Adwords?

The short and sweet of it is that by linking the two you get to see what a user did on your website after they clicked on your ad. Recently Google released 10 great insights you can derive from analytics once you’ve linked your Adwords accounts – and here it is in all its glory!

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If you want to dive even deeper and get the full list of insights and reports that you can run once your Google Analytics and AdWords accounts are linked – GO HERE. I you want a more condensed version – GO HERE.

Well, we hope this has helped you better understand the question: Why Connect Google Analytics to Adwords?

by Josh Becerra

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