Celebrating our Monkey Island Merit Badge Recipients!

Today marks the culmination of our first ever “MII Google Products Authenticated and Certified Merit Badge Program!”

Basically we held a number of training sessions over the first quarter of this year for some of our fellow co-workers at CoCo in Minneapolis. These were hands-on working sessions where participants learned how to:
– Get their Google Analytics set up right and providing relevant data.
– Get their Google AdWords set up right and driving quality traffic.
– Leverage these Google products to gain insights and make smart online marketing decisions.
There were six people who were able to make it to all of the sessions – so we had to celebrate! Here they are!

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From Left to Right: Neal Tovsen, Dan Letsche, Steph Lee, Scott Josephson, Kathy Heafey, and Howie Burke

Each “graduate” received

1) A Certificate of Completion
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2) Their Merit Badge
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And what graduation ceremony isn’t complete without a cake!
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Who said sharing knowledge couldn’t be fun! Right?

by Josh Becerra

President at Augurian
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