Case Study: How we got a 45% increase in form submissions for a client.

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Here is a quick case study that we have put together to show how extremely important it is for any business to use conversion optimization and continually experiment with pages on their website.

We have a client that provides an elective health procedure. Like many elective health procedures, this isn’t covered by health insurance plans so their clients are coming out of pocket to get this done. The procedure isn’t real inexpensive, however if they get good leads they generally are able to close deals at a rate of about 15%. When we asked them to give us the average lifetime value of one of their clients they said around $5,000. So each conversion for them is worth about $750 because if 100 leads come in and 15 of them close at $5K that equals $75,000 (75,000 divided by 100 leads = $750 per lead). Make sense?

Anyway, they had a great form but there were a lot of distractions on the page the form was placed.

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So we decided to leave the form exactly the same but remove all the distractions so that once someone was on this page they had two choices: 1) Either click on “Home” or 2) Submit the form

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Well, after running an experiment we found that the new form with less distractions had 45% MORE submissions than the old form. What does this translate into for our client? Well, more leads, more sales, and more money.

So, if your “Contact Us” form is one of the meaningful actions you want your website visitors to take – then you had better start experimenting using conversion optimization principals. If you need help with this…you can count on us for help.

by Josh Becerra

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