Augurian Welcomes Three New Members

We are excited to welcome three new members to our team at Augurian: Matt Davidson (Senior Analyst, Paid Media), Mason Hawk (Analyst, Paid Media) and Nicole Melancon (Operations Assistant).

Meet Matt Davidson

Matt has been in the digital marketing realm since 2020. He started his career in digital analytics and paid media. He has leveraged this expertise to provide actionable insights and strategy recommendations for clients’ paid media campaigns. Matt is dedicated to providing thoughtful and individually tailored strategies to each of his clients through his vast wealth of knowledge in paid search, paid social, programmatic, digital out-of-home, and traditional marketing.

Matt loves to be outdoors in the summer. He especially enjoys golfing, hiking, adventuring, spending time by the lake, and playing cornhole. In colder months, Matt likes to travel, go to local breweries, watch football/basketball, and play board games with close friends.

Random Facts about Matt

  • Matt plays in a cornhole league and has won it 3 times.
  • He loves to travel around the country but ends up on a Florida coast each winter.
  • Is a huge fan of rogue-like video games.


Meet Mason Hawk

Mason graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a BBA in Marketing and a minor in Sustainable Business. After graduating, Mason gained valuable marketing experience working in both the insurance and the climbing gym industry. He specifically enjoyed the dynamic world of digital marketing and paid media, which led him to pursue a position here at Augurian.

Mason is excited to expand his knowledge and get the opportunity to work across multiple new industries. Mason loves exploring how AI can be utilized to maximize results, create new processes and improve efficiency within digital marketing.

Fun Facts about Mason

  • When he has time Mason enjoys cooking and finding new recipes to try but he also really likes trying new restaurants (really anything to do with food).
  • Mason’s favorite hobbies include running, rock climbing and snowboarding.
  • Mason is an avid podcast listener, some of his recent favorites are The Huberman Lab, The Tim Ferriss Show, and Modern Widom

Meet Nicole Melancon

Nicole graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in French and International Relations. Nicole has a variety of experience working in sales, marketing, content creation and writing in both corporate and non-profit settings. Nicole’s love for online marketing began 14 years ago when she started her own travel blog and had to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing and content strategy on her own as a freelancer. An avid traveler, Nicole has been to many places near and far, and is always planning the next adventure.

Random facts about Nicole:

  • Nicole has traveled with her father to 6 continents and 15 countries.
  • Nicole and her husband went tandem hang-gliding in New Zealand
  • Nicole loves to downhill, classic and skate ski
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