Augur Uses Content To Build Brand Awareness and Strengthen SERP Authority

Use Content Marketing To Build Brand Awareness and Strengthen SERP Authority

Every piece of content should have a purpose. Are you trying to grow your audience? Build brand awareness? Strengthen your SERP authority? In this post we’re going to share how Augur Cassie Burke was able to do all three of those things by leveraging our amazing content marketing strategies.

After the early successes of an explainer piece for a cyber-security client  we wrote and published a follow on piece of content around key cyber threats that persuasively informed prospects of the looming threats that might motivate them to work with our client, if qualified.

Key Indicators

Key indicators that we were especially paying attention to were:

  • returning traffic
  • signs that users are diving deeper into the site
  • high-funnel conversions like gated resource downloads


On the SERP

In ~11 months (published February 21, 2020)… 

On the SERP…

  • Drove more than 1.8K SEO clicks
    • With a good CTR of 4.6%!
  • Debuted in average position 2.1
  • On page 1 for 30+ relevant keywords


Did it bring traffic?
  • Drove 6K page views, (5.2K SEO)

6,489 as of Feb 5

  • 1.9K organic entrances
  • 2.3K total entrances
  • Has been their #1 most viewed blog since August

Was that traffic the right kind?
  • Has a bounce rate of only 5.5%
    • Compared to the average for the view of 52%
    • The average time-on-page is 156% better 
  • Has driven 48 gated resource downloads from users 
    • who have engaged with it at a goal completion rate of 6.67% 
    • compared with 4.19% for all non-augur blogs
      • 1.65% for all users 
      • or 1.87% for all organic traffic.
  • It also earned 3 natural backlinks 
    • which increased its page authority by 5 pts on Moz 
      • (from 22 to 27)


There are a couple of key takeaways from this case study:

  1. Make sure every piece of content has a purpose.
  2. Be sure to capitalize on other pieces of content that you’ve written and seen success with by writing related content that builds on that early success.
  3. Have robust tracking and a trusted data sources so the value of your efforts can be validated and recognized by all organizational stakeholders.

If you’re interested in chatting about how your content can grow your audience, build brand awareness and strengthen your SERP authority – contact us.

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