Augur Insights #2: Doubling Your Organic Search Traffic

In this edition of Augur Insights, entitled “Doubling Your Organic Search Traffic“, Alec shares how great content that answers a prospective client’s biggest questions as they search for a solution to their problem can result in huge wins by doubling your organic search traffic.

Learn how Augurian identifies the topics and big questions that need answering and helped our client grab a top spot on Google’s SERP.



Alec: The article brought in about twice as many organic visitors as a typical article would.

Josh: Hey, everybody, I’m Josh, I’m the VP of strategy here at Augurian. I’m here with Alec.

Alec: I’m a senior analyst of organic search.

Josh: We’re going to talk SEO and content today. We had a great win. From a content perspective.

Alec: When we’re writing content at Augurian for our clients, we write content that is designed to address any concerns and barriers that people may have along their path to becoming a customer of our clients.

Josh: The Searchers have questions or concerns looking for our clients, products or service.

Alec: Exactly.

Josh: We told them, “Hey, you should write this piece of content.”

Alec: The article brought in about twice as many organic visitors as a typical article would within the span of just a few days.

Josh: Why did that happen?

Alec: It came down to the keywords that were targeting, the way in which the keywords were employed. We paid attention to what some of the top-ranking pages were already doing for that particular topic and for those particular keywords that we were trying to go after organically. We have a better understanding of what search engines are expecting to see from pages that are talking about this topic. We can emulate that and then improve on that.

Josh: Looking at how other people might be winning right now and say, “Well, we can do that a little bit better.” We can be a better answer for these questions. This is something we can do for anybody.

Alec: Any client, any industry, any topic.

Josh: Thanks, Alec. We’ll see you later.

Alec: See you.


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