What to do until AdWords releases its new Drafts & Experiments tool?

AdWords just announced the release of a number of really cool new tools, one of which is called the Drafts & Experiments tool. The tool isn’t readily available yet, so we have been getting asked about other ways you could experiment using AdWords. Well, there is a function in AdWords that has been around for awhile that can provide great insights into how the changes you make to your campaigns really impact your conversions. This tool is called “The AdWords Experiment Tool” and it has been around for a number of years.

Here is a little video that tells you how it works:

So basically you can create separate sets of ads and see which set outperforms the other while they run simultaneously. Instead of pausing a set of ads and then switching them out you can run them 50%/50%. AdWords takes care of the split for you. You can access the “AdWords Experiment Tool” in the settings tab or any campaign:

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A few other things we like about using this tool:
1) You can set an end date
2) You have a snapshot of how the campaign is performing at the campaign level
3) You get notified you once you have reached statistical significance
4) If your test is successful you can launch it as the new default with the push of a button

So, until the new Drafts & Experiments tool is readily available, start taking advantage of the AdWords Experiment Tool!

by Josh Becerra

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