AdWords Affinity and In-Market Audiences

So you’ve got a display ad campaign running in AdWords. Give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve decided to really target your campaign by using placements – so your ads are only showing on sites that you believe are highly relevant to your business. Two pats on the back. But what if you were able to reach people based on certain affinities or by whether or not they are actively considering buying a product or service like the one you offer? Wait, you can do that? Yup, but learning how will take you deep into the bowels of Adwords…are you ready for the wild ride?

Great, then let’s talk AdWords Affinity and In-Market Audiences

First some quick definitions.
Affinity Audiences allow you to segment the entire universe of folks traveling the inter-webs into niches that are more closely related to your brand, products or services. Examples of Affinity Audiences would be: Foodies, Fashionistas, Gamers, Bargain Hunters, and Pet Lovers.

In-Market Audiences allow you to find customers who are researching products and actively considering buying a service or product like yours.

Here is an example: Say you have a dealership that only sells higher-end luxury vehicles. You could leverage both types of targeting.

You could target the following affinity audiences:
– Performance & Luxury Vehicle Enthusiasts
– Luxury Shoppers

You could target the following in-market audiences:
– Audi
– Lexus
– Porshe
– Sports Cars

So by now you are probably asking – “Where do I find these AdWords Affinity and In-Market Audiences?”

Well, first go into your display campaign and click on “Display Network”

adwords affinity audiences

Next click on Interests and Remarketing

in-market audiences

Then click on the big red “+ Targeting” button

adwords in market audiences

Click on “Add Targeting” then “Interests & Remarketing”

adwords affinity and in-market audiences

Then you will see this view. Change the drop down to either affinity audiences or in-market audiences and use the search bar to find your niche!

affinity and in-market audience

Well, I hope this gets you thinking about how to segment out people traveling the inter-webs! If you’ve got questions about adwords affinity and in-market audiences, just let us know.

by Josh Becerra

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