7 A/B Split Test Ideas For Your Google Adwords Ads

A/B Test Adwords

How confident are you that your Adwords ads are performing as well as they could be? Even a small improvement on a metric like click through rate or conversion rate can have a big impact on your business. These 7 A/B split test ideas will get you thinking about improving your paid ad performance.

Headline Length

Do short headlines or long headlines lead to higher click through rates? This is a great experiment you can easily run on all of your ads.

AdWords AB Testing

Order of words

Keep in mind that since people read from left to right, the first part of you headline has much more importance than the second part. Could changing the order of your words increase the success of your ads?

AdWords AB Testing


Even though the description isn’t read as often as the headline, it can still affect your click through rates. In fact, people who are more likely to convert will often read more into the details of your content, so A/B testing your description could impact conversion rate even more than click through rate.

AdWords AB Testing

AdWords AB Testing


This applies mostly if you are selling a product, instead of a service. In some cases, like for SaaS it could still be beneficial. Some people prefer to know what your product costs right away, so showing it in the ad could help improve performance. Why not test it to find out?


Display URL

While your final URL should always be your homepage or a landing page specific to that ad (there’s another testing idea!), you can easily change your display URL. This is an easy way to get slight improvements on click through rate by A/B testing. You can also take advantage of promotions or other events like in the example below.

Call to action

It’s been proven that one of the best ways to get people to do something is to tell them to do it. You are probably already doing this on your website with Call To Action’s, so why not try them on Adwords too?

Dynamic Text

Dynamic text is a bit more of an advanced experiment that you can run to try to improve performance. It works by inserting the user’s actual search query into your ad’s headline. This means that the user is already familiar with the text because they just typed it in, meaning they are more likely to click on it. The two examples below show what would come up if someone searches “fast website hosting” or “affordable website hosting”.

A/B testing your Google Adwords Ads is one of the best ways to achieve incremental performance improvements in your marketing campaigns. The important thing is to get enough data so that you can make a decision based on a significant sample size.

Luckily, Adwords experiments automatically calculate statistical significance, so you can easily see if your experiment should be applied across your campaigns. Are your ads being tested and optimized? Let us know if we can help.


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