3 Digital Advertising Tactics Every B2B Company Should Use in 2018

B2B Digital Marketing

Reaching new customers online can be a challenge for B2B companies in 2018. We’ve found 3 tactics that are a great place to start in paid media to help you get more leads.

1. Facebook Remarketing

Facebook Remarketing B2B

To be fair, Facebook remarketing is something every company should be using, not just B2B.

Some B2B companies aren’t sold on the value Facebook can drive for them. It’s a fair perspective, as generally speaking, people spend more personal time on Facebook than company time. However, it’s hard to ignore Facebook’s reach. Pew reported that in 2016, 79% of all adults who are online in the US use Facebook.

Facebook remarketing offers B2B companies a way to stay top-of-mind with people who have visited their website. But we can take it one step further by building audiences based on specific pages. Someone who has visited one service page can be served a different ad than someone who visited a different service.

We’ve found Facebook remarketing to be one of the most effective tactics in terms of ROI across all publishers. The conversion volume is limited by the amount of traffic your website gets, but our next tactic can expand on this one if you see success.

2. Facebook Lookalike Audiences

One you’ve been running remarketing on Facebook and seeing success, you may start to wonder, “how can I expand on this audience?” The answer is with a lookalike audience.

By allowing Facebook to expand on your remarketing audience, you can find similar people to those who have been converting into leads.

Facebook does this with an algorithm that looks at many factors we won’t try to guess at – all we know is that it performs!

Lookalike Audience FB

3. LinkedIn Job Title / Company Targeting

LinkedIn B2B Targeting

Most B2B Companies know they should be on LinkedIn advertising. However, many don’t grasp the granularity of targeting that the platform offers for paid advertising. LinkedIn allows you to build an audience based on specific job titles – or even the company they work at!

This is a powerful tactic as B2B companies can reach not only specific companies they want to work with but even specific people within those companies. No other advertising platform has capabilities anywhere near this. While LinkedIn has generally higher cost-per-clicks, you can make up for them with incredibly detailed targeting.

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