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Free Diagnostic vs. Full In-Depth $4k Audit

Free Diagnostic

    • Detailed SEO Metrics: Receive insights into your website’s domain authority, monthly organic traffic, top 5 most searched pages, and top 15 ranking keywords.
    • Competitor Benchmarking: See how you stack up. Compare your SEO metrics against 2 of your main competitors.
    • Article Opportunities: Discover 3 uncaptured article opportunities, complete with their SEO traffic estimate potentials.
    • Quick Wins: Benefit from 2 actionable quick-win recommendations to instantly boost your content.

Full In-Depth $4k Audit

    • Tailored Competitive Insights: Receive a bespoke, in-depth analysis tailored to your industry, uncovering blog content tactics, calls-to-action, linking, and keyword focuses of up to 4 main competitors.
    • Search Visibility Analysis: Understand your branded and non-branded search visibility against competitors in your specific line of business. Duplicate content check, existing optimization opportunities, and keyword rankings (top 10, 11-50, 51-100). 
    • Customer Journey Optimization: Understand the synergy between SEO content marketing and your audiences’ customer journey. Improve conversion rates by discovering potential drop-offs in your sales funnel. We can identify pain-point-driven topics that guide users seamlessly from awareness to conversion and retention.
    • Behavioral Analysis: Dive deep into user interactions. Learn which content resonates, where users spend the most time, and pinpoint optimization opportunities. Can include readability analysis and evaluation of SEO best practices for top pages. 
    • Clear Action Steps: Keyword and topic research for a prioritized library of 30+ evergreen opportunities. Get clear, actionable steps to optimize your content. We ensure you have a roadmap and a strategic framework, not just data.
    • ROI Forecasting: Visualize the potential impact of our recommendations with a competitive traffic forecast for top content opportunities. Guidance on setting up tracking for key metrics to measure the impact of implemented changes.