How To Spot Bad Digital

how to spot bad digital

Want to find out how to spot bad digital?

The reality is that some digital marketing agencies and freelancers aren’t always on the top of their game. Leads and conversions can stagnate or decline when they fall asleep at the wheel. But, how can you know if you’re a victim of bad digital?

In this video, Josh and Ben highlight a few signals that will help you know whether or not you’re getting the most from your digital dollars – and when it’s time to refresh your tactics.



Ben: We were able to see a 36% increase in lead volume. Over 50% increase in conversion rate. All that came out of 13% reduction in cost for the client.

Josh: Hi everybody. This is Josh from Augurian. I’m here with Ben.

Ben: Hey guys. Ben Anderholm, I’m a manager on the Paid Media team here.

Josh: Around here at Augurian we talk about a lot about bad digital. Unfortunately, other agencies and freelancers may not have the level of expertise that we do or they are just not paying attention, kind of asleep with the wheel with their clients. We had an example of this. We took over a pretty big account from a software service company. They were spending like six figures.

Ben: We noticed right off the bat that it just really wasn’t getting a ton of attention. Their ads hadn’t been updated in six plus months, they weren’t leveraging any new ads that Google had rolled out. They hadn’t optimize their campaigns. Probably one of the most egregious one was that they had campaigns that had spent thousands of dollars that had never converted but they never got touched.

Josh: Unfortunately, this other vendor was kind of asleep at the wheel.

Ben: By giving the account the attention that it needed, we were able to see a 36% percent increase in lead volume, over 50% increase in conversion rate. All that came out of 13% reduction in cost for the client.

Josh: So if you are a SaaS Company and you want to just want to double check that your existing vendor is doing a good job, call us at Augurian, we can do an audit for you, tell you where the opportunities lay.

Ben: We’re pretty good at finding bad digital and fixing it.

Josh: Well, see ya.


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