Joseph Wallick

Joe started his digital marketing career immediately after graduating from the University of St. Thomas in 2020. Post-graduation, Joe ventured to Seattle, where he honed his skills at a local marketing agency. Joe gained an interest in running paid media for local businesses and decided to move back to his home state of Minnesota in 2023.

Joe enjoys working across many different industries helping local businesses find success with their marketing efforts. Joe excels in data analysis and implementing complex strategies. He is excited about the future of digital marketing and the endless capabilities it can have for businesses.

Random Facts:

  • Joe is a proud cat parent for a tailless cat named Charlie.
  • Joe plays in a pickleball league every week at Pints & Paddle in Maple Grove.
  • Joe spent 2 years in Seattle, where he would go car camping to different locations all across the PNW. His favorite place is Pacific City along the Oregon Coast.