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How? Fill out our Paid Media Health Check-up questionnaire. It evaluates your paid media abilities, from setting goals to execution.


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When you take the Paid Media Maturity Assessment, confidence goes up.

The Checkup starts with a series of 31 questions, asking you to rate your Paid Media strategies on a scale from 1 to 5. These questions directly relate to the vital for the success of any paid media operation. By responding honestly, you will directly uncover the areas needing improvement, enabling you to lead your team to overcome challenges and grow.

Four Key Health Factors

Aim for progress, not perfection. By completing the Paid Media Maturity Assessment at least twice a year, observe your score improve as you implement the provided recommendations and strengthen each of the four key factors. Your path begins with a deep dive into how you’re performing across these crucial areas of your paid media operations.


Measure your ability to align paid media with your company’s overarching goals. It emphasizes managing your budget effectively, deeply understanding your audience, and outperforming competitors.


Learn how effectively your paid media data is collected, integrated, and utilized for strategic decisions and influencing leadership. It emphasizes the integration of paid media and sales data for real-time analysis.


Evaluate how dynamic and data-driven your team or agency is in optimizing paid media efforts. It assesses their ability to introduce new ideas and target audiences, create assets, and use first-party data.


Assess how well your team or agency convey paid media strategies and progress. It focuses on the clarity and consistency of their communication to ensure alignment across the organization.

What you’ll get

  • The overall score tells you the maturity of your paid media approach
  • Scores and explanations for each key factor responsible for maturity and growth
  • Direction where you should focus your efforts as a marketing leader

Why our paid media maturity assessment is what you need

Many agencies try to overwhelm you with complicated findings. That’s why we created this to be clear and impactful. Our President, Josh Becerra, explains further.

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