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  • Full Funnel Paid Media Strategy and Planning
  • Platform Execution and Management
  • Measurement and Analysis

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Client Highlights

"We've been working with Augurian for more than a year. Their digital marketing expertise is head and shoulders above others we've worked with in the past. The results we've seen have completely exceeded our expectations, they consistently align their work with our overall strategic objectives and collaboration with our internal team has been great."

Client Highlights

"Within three months, we got a record amount of marketing qualified leads from PPC. Augurian has been instrumental in helping us significantly lower our cost per conversion. With the savings, we've been able to invest our advertising dollars in new platforms and continue to see impressive growth month over month."

Full Funnel Paid Media Strategy and Planning

A comprehensive approach to paid media that identifies high-impact, low-effort initiatives, integrates client goals, and supports the customer journey across all stages.

Platform Execution and Management

The day-to-day management and execution of advertising platforms on behalf of clients, with a focus on optimization, efficiency, and scalability.

Measurement and Analysis

The process of collecting, analyzing, and reporting data from paid media campaigns to drive strategy forward and improve performance.

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We’re here to help you succeed. That’s why we offer two ways to get our expert opinions: a free quick scan or an in-depth audit.

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What Does It Look Like?

  • Analyze paid media platforms to determine the effectiveness of tactics and review for best practice alignment
  • Identify critical and high-impact, low-med effort optimizations for near-term implementing
  • Auditing is a critical component of how we would put together our strategic planning and road mapping for current and future quarters
  • Auditing is focused primarily on platforms, but there is a strategic component
  • Leverage account data to put together projections to support with goal planning and setting
  • Align on paid media goals and integrate these goals into strategic planning and reporting
  • Communicate and report on goals that were agreed upon by teams
  • If appropriate, work with team to outline yearly strategic plans to reach company goals
  • Budget mapping and media mix allocation
  • Seasonality forecasting
  • Non-evergreen campaign planning and resource allocation
  • Annual roadmapping is meant to outline long term strategic focus based on outputs from paid media auditing and planning
  • Adjustments to be made to yearly roadmap to ensure new priorities are accounted for, and that the direction aligns with business goals and status towards those goals
  • Comprehensive management of advertising platforms
  • Bid, budget, and allocation of advertising spend
  • In-platform campaign creation and asset creation/implementation
  • Tracking and measurement
  • Each quarter our team will plan to review:
    • What was accomplished and how our strategies are performing
    • How we are pacing towards yearly goals
    • Observations around strategic performance and competitor trends
    • Alignment on the next quarter’s priorities
  • Quarterly priorities are broken down into “rocks” or specific tasks or action items for tangible delivery and ownership
  • We will conduct a mid year review (Bi-Annual Business Review) to review progress made, touch base on progress towards goals, and ensure alignment on strategic roadmap.
  • We will plan on reviewing strategic direction and roadmapping on an as needed basis, at least once per year as part of an Annual Business Review.
  • Monthly reporting insights that are presented to the client
    • Paid Media Traffic, Conversions and Engagement
    • Revenue and ROAS
    • Leads, MQL’s, SQL’s and Closed deals
    • Status towards goals
    • Competitive metrics when appropriate
    • Metrics aligned with tactics stage in the customer journey
  • Automated monthly reporting on paid media
    • Dashboards that provide progress towards overarching goals
    • Dashboards that provide real time insight into the performance of paid media campaigns across platforms
  • Insights into what is driving performance and any actions that are needed
  • Regular updates and insights regarding paid media platforms and updates
  • Regular insights on industry or market changes that may impact performance
  • Assistance in building business cases for initiatives that will positively impact paid media performance
  • Analysisofmarketingdatatohelpanswerquestionsabouthowyourcustomers and industry are changing
  • Clear communication about what variables are impacting success for core/ edge

What is Our framework?

Our team will lead paid media efforts across the entire customer journey to help hit business goals. Paid digital advertising can be the fastest way for your business to build brand awareness and outbound at scale. It’s also one of the easiest digital marketing tactics to strategically track and measure – especially for ROI.

Our Approach to Paid Media…

  • Omni-Channel
  • The Customer Journey
  • Bimodal Approach

Let the experts tailor a strategy specifically for your business.

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Omni-Channel Approach

Our omni-channel marketing approach leverages various publishers and ad types, creating a seamless customer experience across all channels we’re managing.

That means delivering the right message to those prospects at precisely the right touch points throughout their customer journey.



customer journey funnel with six stages

The customer Journey

Most often customers and prospects take a winding path to a sale. It could look something like this: they see a programmatic ad, click on a link from a social ad, do a search or two to help make an informed decision, get retargeted on social or YouTube and finally return directly to your website to become your customer.

At Augurian we understand that there are many interactions that play a role in a final sale and we work hard to get your message in front of your audience throughout their customer journey.



core and experimental

Bimodal Approach

Many of our tools are designed to help manage our core strategies. These are the strategies that we know predictably work for clients. However, our experience has shown us that anywhere from 10-30% of your total ad spend budget should be directed toward exploration of new campaigns and tactics.

This bimodal approach allows us to experiment and improve continuously. Once an “experimental” strategy or tactic has been fully vetted, it becomes part of the “core.”


Our PaId Media Results


Dunwoody College Paid Media

Client Success Snapshot

Dunwoody College

Dunwoody College of Technology, the only not-for-profit technical college in the Upper Midwest, was challenged to find less costly, more targeted ways to draw students from the local urban area and surrounding rural areas in their state. They needed more inquiries about their degrees and programs to increase potential new student attendance at open houses, which provided the best way to turn potential student interest into enrollments.  Dunwoody College needed better ways to find their audience efficiently and lower their cost per RSVP.


Decrease in
Cost Per Inquiry


Increase in
Paid Media Traffic


CPI in the top
96% of the Industry
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