How to Create a B2B SaaS Marketing Plan in 5 Easy Steps

Nick Brown recently published a blog entitled How to Create a B2B SaaS Marketing Plan in 5 Easy Steps on the Business 2 Community blog.

It’s a great read for any SaaS Marketer because of how he focuses on, not just earning your user’s trust, but also maintaining it with strategies to lower churn.

Here’s a quick summary of the 5 steps outlined in the blog:

1. Build Awareness

Nick calls this section of the blog “Lead Clients to You”. He talks about leveraging robust SEO tactics, analytics, and content marketing to get buyers aware and engaged in your brand and offering.

2. User Experience

Paying attention to your landing page, how you’re showcasing your product and providing reviews and other social proof help people trust you brand. Another good callout Nick provides is giving users a chat or other ways for them to easily get questions answered and engage with your brand.

3. UNderstand your clients

Here Nick isn’t just talking about buyer personas and finding your audience online – he also goes into depth about studing user behavior to anticipate what they need and ensure they’ll keep their subscriptions active for as long as possible.

4. Power of demos

Figuring out what barriers stand it the way of your customers starting a demo or subscribing is what is covered in this section. Here it’s really important that you understand what your asking for (ie: full contact info or a credit card) and if those requirements are causing prospects to not sign-up or request a demo. 

5. Study Churn Rate

The final step Nick discusses is churn. You can learn a lot from looking at your churn. Insights can be gained about what your customers want and expect from your offering. This helps you focus on what issues to address in the future and keeps you focused on retention, not just new subscriptions.  

If you want to read the entire blog, go here.

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