SaaS Sales & Marketing Alignment through Data!

Are Sales and Marketing always aligned? Haha! Good one. But, there are ways in which data from digital marketing can create ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY.

Truth: A Lead is only valuable if it becomes business.

Truth: Marketing AND Sales both want high quality leads that turn into customers. And when a lead doesn’t become a customer it’s vital to understand why.

Data is here to save the day!

So I ask you, can you answer these questions with data?

  • Marketing Questions

  • – Are we generating quality leads?
  • – Would our sales team want to talk to them?
  • – Are we creating ads that speak to the client in the appropriate stage?
  • – Can we specifically tie lead generation to revenue?
  • Sales Questions

  • – Speed to Lead – are we calling them fast enough?
  • – Persistence – are we following up enough?
  • – Are we looking at the sales team as data points to understand people, process, and results?

Steps to Wisdom (and Sales/Marketing Alignment!)

    1. 1. Identification – you need to be able to understand where leads generated from and how they contributed to revenue
    2. 2. Tech Stack – your tech stack needs to connect your Web Forms, CRM, and Analytics
    3. 3. Use Closed Loop Analytics to tell the FULL story, “Impressions to Leads to Revenue”

Align Sales & Marketing with these three steps…it’s really as easy as 1,2,3!

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