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growing a successful b2b Saas sales strategy to increase lead generation

SaaS businesses are crying for strategies to boost revenues as they target increased lead generation and higher business growth. To address SaaS growth concerns, we asked seasoned SaaS marketing professionals to outline the most successful SaaS lead tactics or strategies. 


1. create a social sharing ecosystem 

– Develop Whitepapers, e-Books, e-Brochures.

– Offer free trials and demos in social media

– Enable users to share their purchase decisions via social.


2. use pipeline data

Aggregate and analyze marketing and sales data so that every stage of the sales funnel is optimized to attract and retain your target audience.

3. don’t ignore the competition

Study competing partners and assess how they create successful touch points that snare top leads. What you learn will help you generate more effective white papers, and offer more creative demos and product trials.


4. diversify lead generation strategies

When you avoid tying your fortunes to a single do-or-die magic bullet and diversify campaign strategies, you become more responsive to change. You open yourself to new thoughts, and innovative ideas, and even if one SaaS sales strategy bites the dust, your overall campaign doesn’t miss a beat.


5. use seo to accelerate lead generation

Successful SaaS businesses leverage SEO. And they do it in three ways to generate leads online:
1) Improving search engine visibility

2) Redirecting traffic from legacy sites
3) Listing themselves on key directories


6. address the customer’s pain points

Here are four ways to ease customer pain:
1) Show them you know the journey they’re on by creating custom content for each phase all the way through decision.
2) Make sure they understand the full value by comparing yourself to competitors and offering demos.
3) Enable access by offering free trials with no credit card information or obligations.
4) Incentivize subscriptions by having a freemium model with the right features upon upgrade.


7. leverage influencer marketing 

SaaS marketers are booking more significant profits through influencer marketing, where they use authoritative voices to engage a broader audience. Look for an influencer who can drive customer engagement and expand social media outreach.


8. nurture brand loyalty

You must identify and cultivate a core customer group. They should be confident in your capabilities and motivated enough to recommend you to their inner circle of well-wishers and potential users.


9. generate leads via social

Social media is a valuable tool for getting product information across to potential leads. A good marketing campaign is one that educates and informs clients. It also provides solutions directly addressing client issues and generates ideas. Great campaigns encourage conversation, and spark debates.



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