Here is a quick summary of the 13 Foundations for B2B SaaS Digital Marketing that Oren Greenberg, from Kurve, posted:

1. Testing is Central

There’s no better way to find your perfect marketing mix and optimize growth than a well thought out testing methodology.


2. Goal measurement is critical

Track the correct goals, and ensure the setup is bulletproof to allow for meaningful test conclusions. Measure business-critical statistics, and align them with KPIs. This might include signups, retention rates, lifetime value.


3. Growth is necessary

A larger user base gives you more data to play with, and enables the product’s integration with CRM and marketing automation. 


4. waste is criminal

Trial and error must have an end-goal. Guesswork must be kept to a minimum. Informed decisions based on evidence and experience should be the norm.


5. The customer journey is everything

You must reduce friction throughout the customer journey. Identify the areas in which prospects are dropping off, and ascertain the reasons why this is happening.


6. onboarding is key

Sending just one onboarding-focused push notification to new customers during their first week increased retention by 71% over two months.


7. a responsive and user friendly website

People won’t stick around if your site isn’t optimised and responsive, and Google will render you useless for mobile devices if the site isn’t mobile-friendly.


8. evangelism has impact

Work closely with early adopters and reward them with preferential treatment, advanced membership benefits, first access to new features, and more. Build brand affinity and let them generate your buzz.


9. Gated content fills the funnel

Gated content is a powerful weapon when it comes to generating qualified leads. The prospect receives valuable information, while you receive valuable details. This allows you to nurture a warmer lead with additional targeted communication.


10. expertise will differentiate

Create and publish content that adds value to your users; tell stories that humanize your brand; and share your expertise to help customers overcome key business challenges.


11. “free” isn’t a dirty word

You need to give the lead a taste of what they can expect, and a vision of how you add value. Remember, the goal is to get the sign-up. Thereafter, you can work on monetizing each user further.


12. Roll with the punches

Be ready to inform and reassure on an ad-hoc basis for qualified leads that are uncertain or unconvinced. Continue to test your content and channels, monitor growth, and iron out the customer journey. 


13. Sell the benefits

Focus on the benefits, and tap into how the solution has a real impact on your audience’s lives. Features need to be secondary to the fact that your platform saves money, makes money, saves time, or makes your customers’ lives easier.


If you’d like to read the entire post by Oren Greenberg, it can be found here:

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