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Why is Quality Score So Important?

Quality Score is Google’s estimate of the relevance of your ads, keywords, and landing page to search queries.

It is the culprit for the rising costs you’ve experienced in Google Ads every year. 

Quality Score directly affects your ads Cost Per Click and your Ad Rank on the Google search results page.

Adjusting keywords, ads, and landing pages in ways that increase quality score, results in significantly reduced Cost Per Click!

A significantly reduced Cost Per Click stretches your budget farther so that your ads are seen more frequently, in higher positions on the page, creating opportunity for you to gain more conversions.



QUality Score Improvement Dashboard

Direct efforts where it matters most.
Each time you run the tool the most up to date, easy to follow directions are provided in the dashboard.

The directions are prioritized to help you focus on making the biggest impact with the least effort to improve Quality Score.Track the impact of your Quality Score improvement efforts over time. Watch as Quality Score steadily increase, Cost Per click decrease, and your advertising budget stretching farther.

Support + Future Updates

We'll answer your questions around this module and you'll have access to updates we make to this module forever.

Step by Step Instructions

We've broken down the directions into steps anyone can follow, paired with examples to emulate.


Jasmine Hippe

Senior Paid Media Analyst

3+ Years of Paid Media Expertise

Designed the layered analysis, priority engine, and authored the step by step instructions included inside this tool. The combination streamlines every users ability to take the actions that drive the largest ROI from Quality Score improvements in the least amount of time.

Jason Stempel

SenioR Manager - Paid Media

9+ Years of Paid Media Expertise

Supervised the development of this tool. Designed for any user; the dashboard is concise and easy for anyone to understand. Sections, charts, and numbers answer the important questions, summarize progress, and clearly communicate the next steps users should take.

Spencer Jahnke

Senior Manager- Paid Media

7+ Years of Paid Media Expertise

Provided early vision for this tool, and developed the complex math equations and calculations that power it.

It's Proven

90 Days. Quality Score Up 84%. Cost Per Click Down 32%

This accounts dataset includes 100s of keywords across several locations for a competitive industry. (Results will vary.)

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