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the following instructions will help you get the script installed


  • *You can choose to install this script at the account level or at the MCC level.

  • Open the Quality Score Analysis script
  • Navigate to your Google Ads account.
  • Click Tools & Settings. Under Bulk Actions, navigate to Scripts and click the add button. 
  • Copy the Quality Score Analysis script and paste it into the white-space, overwriting anything previously written there.
  • Copy the link to your dashboard and paste over the link between the apostrophes on line 3.
  • Insert your account ID between the two apostrophes on line 4 of the script. 
  • Name the script “Augurian Quality Score Analysis for [Business Name]” 
  • Click Run to authorize and run the script. From the scripts overview page, adjust the frequency of the script to run daily. This will allow you to track how your quality score changes over time in your dashboard. 

Five Minute instructional video


Reviewing Your Dashboard

Data should populate in your dashboard. If you don’t see any changes in the dashboard, try refreshing the page.

Familiarize yourself with the dashboard. Keep in mind that we recommend a benchmark Quality Score of 7.

The first thing you’ll see are your dashboard KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

As you scroll further, you will see two charts designed to help you track your quality score over time.

Finally, you’ll see the opportunities for improvement pie chart and directives, as well as your priority keywords.

taking action

In your dashboard, read the box next to the pie chart to determine your biggest area of improvement.

Read through the steps outlined next to the pie chart, then click the hyperlink that reads “For step-by-step instructions, click here.”

These instructions offer step-by-step guidance to improve the weakest component of your quality score.

Read through the steps and follow the instructions to take the prescribed actions.

Reference the data under “Top 10 Keywords to Address for Maximum Impact” to understand which keywords or ad groups you should address first

making improvements

The following instructions offer step-by-step guidance to improve the weakest component of your quality score.

Why We Built This Tool

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