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Citation Building Answers

A tactic to improve how frequently your website ranks in local organic search results. Ensuring your business’ information is accurate and consistent on other websites.

At the end of the day, search engines want to provide searchers with relevant and accurate information. 

If your business’ information is consistent across other websites, search engines will have more confidence that it’s accurate.

If search engines are confident in the accuracy of your business’ information, they’ll be more likely to rank your website in the local search results.

Local traffic can be very relevant and further down the sales funnel compared to the average visitor.

Local citations improve how well your website ranks in local searches, which can bring in more traffic, which brings in more revenue.

Ranking well for the local keyword, “minneapolis electrician”, can bring in a lot of visitors who are close to becoming customers and are actively looking for those services.

Citation Building has helped us grow our clients’ presence in the local packs significantly.

After building citations for one client and improving their presence in the local packs, revenue grew by 100% YoY, going up by $200,000.

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